Saturday, June 20, 2009

Papered Switch Plates

Now we have all seen fancy switchplate covers at boutiques and craft shows and you can create them yourself. Martha has the instructions and these look easy enough, even I could do them.
Sometimes a switch plate is best when painted to blend with a wall. And sometimes a room gets a lift if you make one stand out: Cover with extra-wide ribbon, wallpaper, sheet music, or map of a favorite place.
Trace switch plate onto back of paper.
Cut paper about 1/4 inch wider than outline
Brush craft glue onto back
Place switch plate face-down
Cut each corner at an angle slightly beyond corner of plate
Fold sides onto back of plate, using bone folder to smooth
With utility knife, cut X into paper covering switch cutout
Brush glue onto flaps; smooth to plate's back side
Make tiny X in paper covering screw holes. Turn over. Dab glue into holes. Use pin tip to push paper from front to back, opening holes.
(When mounted, the screws will hide minor imperfections.)
Seal paper with water-based urethane and if you used fabric spray with Scotchgard.
Sorry, there weren't any step by step photos, but it seems simple enough. If you make one or more of these, take some photos and I'll post them here as a reference to everyone.

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