Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Artsy Bulletin Boards

While searching the Better Homes and Gardens for kids craft ideas, I came across this one that if not used for kids would be great in a kitchen, office or craft room and provide a bit of artsy decor along the way, especially if you want to highlight some of your photos.

Artsy Bulletin Boards
Use photos and a snippet from a letter written home to create artsy bulletin boards made from cork trivets.
From the magazine, Creative Kids

What You Need:
Iron-on transfer paper
Light-color cotton or cotton-blend fabric
Spray adhesive

1. Scan a photo and letter into your computer. Enlarge and crop them to fit the trivets. Print the images onto iron-on transfer paper. Iron the paper onto light-color cotton or cotton-blend fabric. (Dark fabrics require a special type of transfer paper.)
2. Use spray adhesive to affix the fabric to the cork, smoothing it and wrapping it neatly around to the back of the trivet.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I need something better than taping everything to my office closet door. Ha!