Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter, no not yet!

It sure has been feeling like Winter around here lately with temps below zero. We normally are not this cold until much later in the season...say around January. Hopefully the weather will work itself out and the rain will be forthcoming. I didn't think I would ever hear myself say that I wanted rain, but if I have to choose between bitter cold and sun to mild temps and rain, I'll choose the rain. Now in a month when we have had grey skies and rain daily, I may change my mind.

Here are a few crafty ideas to either get you going for the holidays or finish you up.
  • Don’t throw out those old ornaments. Decorate them with seed beads, paint, spray flocking or even how about some mini gemstone chips….my version of this is pictured using round styrofoam balls, gemstone chips and sequins.
  • Decorate some simple round ball ornaments with metallic paint pens. Write family member names, swirls or stars, add some rhinestones or glitter for some glitz.
  • Make your own gift boxes or bags and use old wrapping paper, newspaper or even brown paper and them rubber stamp your design.
  • Make a candy tree out of a foam form using pins and any small wrapped candy. Guests can just pick the candy off the tree. Be sure to have a dish near by for the pins and wrappers.
  • Make your holiday table sparkle with white lights and some tulle as a runner.
  • What about a jingle bell tree. Instead of using gemstones use bells and make your own jingle tree. This idea stolen from Dina as she makes wonderful jingle bell trees. Ha ha or should I say Ho Ho Ho
  • Make a holiday mobile out of leftover simple ornaments. It will brighten any spot in the house.
  • I know we have all made the paper chain garland, but how about taking it up a notch and use fancy double sided scrapbook paper and alternate each link with the other paper side.
  • Another garland idea, use wrapped candy in various colors and staple the ends together to create a long strand, then just tape to the mantel.
  • Make your own gift tags this year. Not so crafty, pick up some metal rimmed blank sale tags at the office supply store or cut out your own out of cardstock and embellish with rubberstamps or stickers. How about on the tag glue a picture of the person who is to receive the gift. This also makes a great keepsake.
  • Make a memory board. You can make your own out of an old or new bulletin board or you can buy them at any craft store. Perfect to showcase special cards, photos, gift tags, show tickets or anything else you do special during the holidays.
  • Who doesn’t like the gift of food for Christmas. How about these ideas, cookie in a jar, soup in a jar, chocolate covered pretzels, candy, cookies, caramel popcorn or how about some homemade jam or sweet bread. I know those are some of my favorites.

Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens and Good Housekeeping on-line for some of these ideas.