Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm Back

Okay I was never really gone. I do post more frequently on my jewelry blog than here and the holidays just moved on in so that I found I couldn't do more than one blog at a time. Well the new year is here and it is time to start writing again. I did do a new tutorial for a knotted bracelet which is posted on my jewelry blog. Here are pictures of it.

It was fun to make and you could use items you already have and not go out and purchase anything new. Instead of using the silver end caps, just wrap all three pieces of leather with 20 gauge wire to secure and then add your clasp. The beads are fun and add a bit of color, but if this was for a man, I would leave them off or use minimal beads...maybe just some sterling silver on the leather versus the dangles. This is definitely something you can have fun with.  Here is the link to the post with the full tutorial.