Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jewel Case Photo Box

I have lots of CD Jewel cases laying around with nothing in them, so I decided to try to find something to make with them. I found several ideas on what to do with them on Tip Junkie and decided to make a quick tutorial on what I plan to use them for.

What you will need for this project:
  • Jewel Cases (taken apart)
  • Padded (used) envelope or anything else to take up bulk
  • Pen
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Images (photos, collage, card, or whatever you want to display)
  • Scissors
  • Self Adhesive hangers (can be found in framing departments)

1. Start by sizing your images on your computer or just cutting them to size. I used the back paper of the CD case as a template. The size is 6 x 4 5/8" if you do not have one.
2. Gather all your supplies.
3. Cut your images to template size. Please note that the old one in the case has two folded ends. I folded my images but you don't have to.
4. Using your template mark where your fold lines will be.
5. Fold back your ends.
6. Test fit into the back of the plastic case, which will now become the front, and make any adjustments as needed. Be sure that your image is viewable from the case front.
7. Cut your padded envelope or cardboard to the inside size. You do not fold these ends. Fit inside the case on top of your image. You may sign and date or stamp the back with instructions or information about the photo or image.
8. Attach the back of the case. Almost done. Attach your self adhesive hanger.
9. Done - These are a few I made using photocopies of my watercolor paintings.
10. This one is a Alice In Wonderland image with embellishments.

Now all I have to do is find a place to hang them.

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