Friday, October 23, 2009

Passport Cover Tutorial

In my neverending search for cool things to make, I found this passport cover. I know I said that I would only be posting Fall or Holiday ideas, but this fits doesn't it? I'm going on a cruise over Thanksgiving and most definitely need a passport cover, so I figured everyone did. Okay, I may be wrong here, but at some point in your life you may need one. This tutorial looks super easy and very useful. Thanks to Jo over at Chubby*Hobby for the instructions.  Here is her website where you can find those instructions.

Jo's disclaimer: Please use instructions for your personal use and not for commercial purposes.

I hope you enjoy Jo's passport cover.


  1. Well I think that it fits perfectly into the fall/holiday category. Not only are the colors perfect for fall but it would make a great gift for the traveler on your list.

  2. That is very cute and I think it could easily be resized to fit as a book cover too! I like the loop and button closure.