Sunday, February 14, 2010

Re-Purposing Material

For the past several days I have been busy sewing. I found my little Swing 'N Sew machine at my mothers and took it back and have been creating fun things ever since. First I wanted to make some jewelry pouches for my jewelry when it sells to send it in to customers...went a little overboard on that. Here is my post from my Jewelry blog if you want to read it. Anyway, as I was trying to fall asleep last night I remembered all these vintage hankies and thought what a great use for that material. I'm not going to use them as hankies and some of them have small holes and stains, so here is my first attempt at a drawstring pouch. As you can see, it will hold quite a bit of jewelry. I think next time I will reinforce the inside with either quilt batting or another layer of muslin for more stability.

My next project was one that hubby had asked for and that is a passport carrier. I published a link here a while back to a tutorial, but I wanted something a bit simplier so this is what I came up with. I used scrap material left over from my jewelry pouches and old jean shorts that no longer fit. Mine is the pretty one and hubby's is the denim. As you can see they are both fully lined and I added the hook & loop tape (button is just decorative, but a good way to embellish.) It is also large enough to hold your cell phone or mp3 player. I'm thinking I might be able to put the camera in here also when not using it for the passport. My version isn't padded, but if using it for a camera case or mp3 player case, I would suggest a layer of quilt batting between the lining and cover.

So what would you use these for?

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